Throughout the pandemic and financial/supply chain turmoil, we have not changed our prices. But, with US dollar inflation, our expenses have gone up and we have to adjust pricing. Just like before, the new prices will be what Art charged back in 2000. New pricing will go into place on 3/31/2023 and will be as follows:

160hp engine upgrade: $325
160hp engine installation: $325
Vortex Generators (PMA): $725
Vortex Generators (OP/Data Only): $360
Gap Seals (new installation): $615
Gap Seals (replacement tape): $60
Stabilator Tips: $875
Propeller Tip Mod: $325
New propeller with tip mod: $5300

All prices will still include shipping to the lower 48 US states and we’ll do whatever we can to find the best price for worldwide shipping.