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  • Pegasus-innovations-160hp-Installation- STC

    160HP Engine Upgrade STC (O-320-E2A)


    Upgrade for Lycoming O320-E2A
    Wide-Deck Engine Model
    From 150hp to 160hp

    For Cherokee owners who have seriously thought about improving the performance and safety of their 150HP PA-28s. This upgrade provides a 10hp upgrade without an engine swap!

    Unsure about your Engine Model? Contact us first.

  • Pegasus Innovations Vortex GeneratorPegasus Innovations Vortex Generator Cherokee side view.

    Vortex Generators


    The Mod that gives you Performance Plus!!

    Available for ALL PA-28 Models!

    By proper placement of Vortex Generators on the inboard section of the wing, we have turned the turbulent, inefficient, area of the wing into a useful, working wing area. These are the only VGs that improve climb, stall, and cruise performance!

  • Pegasus Innovations Gap SealPegasus Innovations Gap Seal Red

    Gap Seals


    Provides a 100% seal on the surface of the wing where airflow is the most important. By sealing the gaps the high-pressure air stays below the wing and does not leak through and create turbulence to the faster-moving lower-pressure air above the wing.

    • No Rubbing or Corrosion Problems
    • Increases Cruise
    • Improves Handling
    • Easy and quick to Install
    • Highly effective yet very affordable

    This type of gap seal eliminates snow or freezing rain buildup that can happen with other gap seals.


    • Lab tested for over 1600hrs at 200mph, with a temperature range of 32F and -55F without failure
    • Field Tested at -20F and three long hot summers without failure.
    • FAA Flight tested to 200mph without failure

    Simple Installation

    • Simply clean the surface, press in place, and squeegee
    • No holes, no rivets, no weight changes, and easily repaired or replaced if necessary
  • Pegasus innovations prop tipPegasus Innovations Prop tip Mod Sensenich - Mcauley

    Prop Tip Mod Sensenich or Mcauley


    The world-famous Art Mattson prop tip mod! With this STC and your prop in good condition, you can have your favorite prop shop do the mod.

    For most aircraft, the propeller can be pitched 2″ coarser with no effect on static rpm. That means you can choose to leave the pitch alone and increase climb performance, pitch it 2″ coarser and increase top speed without hurting climb performance, or split the difference at 1″ coarser and improve climb and cruise!

  • Pegasus Innovations Stabilator Tips

    Stabilator Tips


    The design is based on the drag-reducing properties of the Hoerner Style wing tip, which was modified to maintain equal tip authority whether it was with up or down pressure. The end result is an improved tip that may increase cruise by 1 to 2 mph with better stabilator authority. They also just look really nice.